Inclement weather arrangements

Because this week’s weather forecast predict snow I would like to remind you of the following arrangements.

The decision to close the school rests with the Head teacher in consultation with the Chair of Governors. If the decision is taken to close before the beginning of the school day then the school will broadcast this information on Radio Ceredigion and Radio Cymru/Wales. It will also be posted on the School website (at the bottom of the home page in the Twitter feed) and Ceredigion County Council website. Also, those parents who have subscribed to do so, will receive this information through twitter and facebook.

When inclement weather necessitates the early closure of school, steps will be taken to contact parents to arrange transport home by car or school bus. If this is not possible we shall ensure that your children stay at school until someone is able to come and pick them up. Members of staff will stay with the children on every occasion. If we do close the school we will share the information through the radio stations and websites noted above.

We kindly ask that you come and collect your children as soon as possible after you have been informed that the school is closing.