What is the parents forum?

The Parent Forum is a group of parent representatives who meet once a term to discuss school-related issues.
Regular, open communication and consultation with parents is really important to the school. The Parent Forum provides a valuable way to listen to your ideas and concerns and seek your views, helping to make sure the needs of children and their families are met.
Meetings are led by school staff and governors, usually by the Headteacher and a Governor. Meetings are informal and a genuine opportunity for open discussion.
Examples of issues that can discussed include:
– School development planning
– Parking and safe routes to walk /cycle to school
– Class mixes
– Cost of school trips and events
– Parents evenings
– Views on school policies when they are updated e.g. Behaviour Policy

Sharing the information....

Parents are encouraged to share information from Parent Forum with parents of other children in their child’s class. Feedback is also included in school newsletters which are distributed to all parents, and notes of each meeting will be published on the parent forum page of the school website.
Parents may ask you as a parent representative to raise an issue or make a suggestion on their behalf at Parent Forum.
Please note that all issues, whether you raise them yourself or on behalf of other parents, should be general issues, not related to a specific child or incident.
If you have specific concerns about your child your first point of contact should always be your class teacher.
The agenda for each meeting, notes of the meeting and any related documents will be published on the parent forum page on the school website.

Cofnodion y Fforwm rhieni 30/1/2018


Present – Mr A Ward, Gwyn James, Chair of Governors, Poppy Turnock – Cyfeillion T Llew Jones, Rian Evans, Delyth Jenkins, Amy Evans, Sian Davies, Carys Owens, Llinos Davies, Elen Mathias.


  1. Welcome


Mr Ward welcomed everyone to the meeting.


  1. New Officers

Llinos Davies was chosen as the new chairperson for the forum and Amy Evans was chosen as secretary.


  1. Current tradition
  • The School Development plan is focusing on the following 6 priorities.
1To raise the children’s achievement in Welsh
2To raise the children’s achievement in English
3To raise the children’s achievement in Maths and numeracy
4To raise the children’s achievement in Science
5Language charter
6Digital competence and e safety- step 2


  • The language charter promotes the use of the Welsh language. To support the work on this target Mr Iestyn Dafydd form ‘Say something in Welsh’ will come to the school for a morning to meet parents who would like to learn Welsh or parents who have begun to learn Welsh. There will be an opportunity to see the app and to have breakfast at school.
  • An evening of Quiz and cawl will be held so that people can practice their Welsh. There is a warm welcome for everyone.
  • Bu 2019 all lessons will have to include an element of digital competence.



The school’s attendance figure was 94.42%. This is lower than the target of 95.9%. The school does not authorise holidays during term time and letters are sent to the families of the children who have low attendance.



At present the school the school is unable to share the staffing arrangements for next year. The pupil numbers are continuing to increase. By the summer term there will be 190 children at the school.


  1. What is working well
  • The parents believe that the traffic light system to note behaviour is working well. The reaction has been very positive.
  • The new morning procedure (children being welcomed by teachers at the door.) This has been successful and has helped the car park traffic to flow much easier.
  • The streaming support system in KS2 during the morning.


5 Improvements that could be made / adaptions

  • Home work- a request was made for all homework to be linked to previous learning in the class e.g. spelling and Mathematics.
  • The blue contact book – The blue book is not widely used by the children and staff. It was requested that the blue book was revised to include a treading record, information for mutations, spelling rules, times tables etc.
  • Parentmail – Not everyone was sure how to respond to Parent mail. Parent’s are asked to email Mr Ward if they wanted to respond to Parentmail content.
  • Would it be possible to text the school rather than phoning? – Unfortunately Mags finishes work at 1.30 therefore it would be very difficult for the school to ensure a response to any text sent between lunch time and the end of the school day.
  • A question was asked- why are the after school clubs only for year 2 and older? The staff would find it very difficult to arrange activities that are suitable for the whole school. In addition to this many more members of school staff would have to be present if younger children were to participate.


  1. Category

The school is yet to receive information regarding this year’s support categorisation.

(The day following the meeting the school was categorised as yellow.)


  1. Projects
  • The staff have collected information regarding the children’s ability to peak Welsh. 89%of the school children leave the school speaking Welsh fluently.
  • The ‘Clonciwr Cymraeg’ will be relaunched , and this will promote the use of the Wels language outside of the school by the children
  • The school has received a grant of £3000 to promote boys writing.
  • The school has been chosen to participate in research which concentrates on the importance of playing with children.


  1. Classes

No decisions regarding classes for 2018-2019 will be made until the final budget has been shared.


The nest meeting will be arranged during the next term.


The meeting finished at 19:15